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20 things old people do with technology…

20 things old people do with technology…

You mean you don’t need to rewind DVDs when you’ve finished watching them?

Most of the Australian population did not grow up with technology, or at least the kind of modern technology we use today. Some of that older generation have embraced technology (hands up who has their grandparents on Facebook), but there are some other’s (we’re looking at you mum) who is yet to grasp it, the results can often be quite hilarious.

Here, we bring you 20 of the funniest things “old people” do with technology.

1. They sign texts and Facebook messages/comments with their name.

2. They think that LOL stands for Lots of Love.

3. They sometimes battle with auto-correct (we’re sure you’ve seen at least one example of this).

4. Then, when they call you on your mobile, they say “Hi, it’s Nan here,” even though you knew that already because there’s this thing called caller ID.

5. They tend to turn off their phones and tablets when they aren’t using them, but then they miss any incoming phone calls or messages.

6. They refer to searching for something on the internet as ‘getting it off the computer’

7. They blame you for deleting the internet if you remove the shortcut to their browser from their desktop.

8. Or, if they didn’t know the shortcuts existed in the first place, they think you’re magic when you use them to launch an app.

9. They refer to their iPad or tablet device as their “computer”.

10. They always forward on jokes and scam warnings and other chain emails that they receive.

11. They also use email from only one laptop (“what do you mean I can access email on my phone, it isn’t a computer..!?”).

12. They accidentally video call you and don’t realise all you can see is their ear the entire time (we’re looking at you Dad!)

13. They befriend you on Facebook and then embarrass you by butting into conversations.

14. After becoming your friend on Facebook they share HUNDREDS of things on your page every week!

15. Then they like hundreds of your Facebook pictures in one go so that you (or another victim) get hundreds of repeated notifications.

16. Sometimes, they write completely illegible Facebook and think “checking in” will lead to people stalking them.

17. They spend half the evening walking around and around in a tiny garden to increase the number of steps on their pedometer instead of going out for a walk like a normal person.

18. A Facebook user wrote “My grandma bought a new car and was told that it came with a “computer”, she thought that meant there was a laptop built in.

19. Another Facebook user admitted to one time finding her mum rewinding a DVD once she’d finished it like you had to with VCR, because she wanted to make sure it was ready for the next person who watches it.

20. And lastly, a Facebook user reported that his mum once lost her keys so she went out and purchased a little Whistle Key Finder gadget and held it in her hand as she whistled, expecting her keys to somehow show themselves. Of course, the idea is actually to attach the gadget to your keys before you lose them.



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