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4 questions to ask when buying a website

4 questions to ask when buying a website

There are thousands of website developers around the world who offer different designs, layouts and services. However how do you know what is right for you? How do you know what is worth the investment? We have put together 4 questions that we believe you should be asking before committing to have your website made by someone overseas.

1. Where are you located?

Have you ever had an issue a with telecommunications company and you try to call them for help and you are directed all over the world, and after an hour of being on hold and then hours of being on the phone, the problem is not resolved. So basically you have wastes hours of your time to still be stuck with the same issue. This scenario can occur when buying a website online from someone based overseas.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with buying a website from someone based overseas. Customer experience and translation is often poor.

2. Will the website be user-friendly?

We often have clients that have purchased a cheap website overseas that is riddled with problems, with the biggest problem being that their customers cannot use the website effectively. This not only costs you money but also irritates your potential client which usually leads to a loss of sale.

Also, if the website isn’t set up easily from the back end and you want to edit or change something, will you be able to? Has the developer set it up so that you can login and make changes?

3. What are the long-term costs of maintaining and managing the website?

Most overseas based website developers will charge an arm and a leg per website update. So you may want to change your phone number and to do so your website developer could charge you $250+. Keep in mind also that you may need something changed urgently but it could take them 24 to 48 hours until they respond, which can hinder your productivity.

4. Who owns the website?

The fourth and probably the most important question to ask is who has ownership rights of the website. They may say you do, but then you have to pay hefty ongoing costs to them for hosting and maintaining your website and then when you want to get someone else to run it you find out that you only own the content not the layout or design.

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