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Data sovereignty, security and why onshore is best

Data sovereignty, security and why onshore is best

There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the security of data stored in “the cloud”. Many have expressed concerns for their data stored in something that is intangible and seemingly non-existent. However like when computers and the internet were first introduced, it is the idea of change and the unknown that has led to these concerns.

Cloud computing is simply a term used to describe a network of innovative technologies that store, manage and process data in an offsite secure data centre. Australian companies and government entities prefer data centre providers with a domestic presence for reasons of security, performance and regulatory considerations.

Currently a number of “multinational companies are taking major steps to place infrastructure within Australia’s jurisdiction to allay consumer and community concerns about where their data resides, and indeed this is a worldwide trend. The preference for on-shore data storage is market-led and is helping drive the growth in local IT infrastructure investment.

The requirement for ‘data sovereignty’ is essential for organisations to maintain control over access to their data by having it hosted in the same legal jurisdiction as their base of operations. This is not a parochial ‘Australia first’ attitude, it is a policy response of local enterprise and government, which do not want their data potentially subject to alternate jurisdictions.”

“Announced in October last year, under the new arrangements of the Federal Government’s Cloud Computing Policy, Agency Heads will be able to approve proposals to place certain information in either offshore or domestically hosted (onshore) public cloud.”

Why onPlatinum ICT

To provide our clients with peace of mind that their data is safe and secure we host their data in private clouds and maintain their data in Australia at one of our NEXTDC data centre’s (Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney).

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