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Is your phone system outdated?

Is your phone system outdated?

When it comes to telephone systems, the number one issue for business owners is cost: cost of the hardware, installation, modifications and call costs. Thankfully, technology has enabled enormous changes in business telephone systems and driven these costs down.

onPlatinum ICT’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange) as a Service (PBXaaS) is a revolutionary business telephone solution offering advanced technology, without the traditional infrastructure overheads and maintenance associated with a PBX system.

We want your business to adapt quickly and effectively to changing technologies, without missing opportunities for cost reductions and business growth.

With functions like remote call pickup, video call and multiway conferences, internal and external communication is easy as it should be. We also have one of the highest quality voice networks in the country so you won’t ever have to worry about audio quality, and because your entire phone system runs in the cloud, deployment is a breeze.

What are the features of this service?

Partner with onPlatinum ICT and experience the best a business-grade hosted PBX service can be. We offer a 99.99% service level agreement – giving you peace of mind that your critical business phone services will always be working when you need them.

We monitor our network 24×7 to ensure everything is operating as it should be. On top of this our “N+1” architecture ensures there’s always “two of everything” – ensuring that in the unlikely event of an equipment failure, it won’t affect your service.

What are the benefits for my business?

With session initiation protocol (SIP) technology, you only need one phone line for up to 16 conversations, resulting in greatly reduced line rental charges. Add to this the savings that can be achieved in call costs through other technologies and an up-to-date knowledge of call packages, and that becomes a formula for savings in overheads that go straight to your bottom line.

Don’t think about it anymore. Call onPlatinum ICT today for an assessment of your existing telecommunication costs and systems, and our recommendations for a plan to hang up on over-priced telecom bills.


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