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What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing?

Over the years, and more so recently, the term cloud computing has been thrown around. Most of us have a general understand of what it is, but if someone were ask you to explain it to them, could you?

Cloud computing is the general term given to anything that incorporates delivering hosted services over the internet.

So there isn’t an actual cloud?

No. Cloud computing is simply a term used to describe a network of innovative technologies that store, manage and process data in an offsite secure data centre.

But if data is going over the internet is it safe?

One of the frequently asked questions we receive is: if our cloud computing solutions is safe. Put simply, your data is protected by four firewalls and is stored in two safe data centers where it is managed by our cloud experts, backed up 100% of the time, running on the latest Server hardware and located in a ‘state of the art’ data centre at the world’s leading cloud provider.

So in answer to you question, yes. Your data is safe, secure and handled in Australia by our team working throughout Australia.

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