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The Difference between onPlatinum Business Internet and Standard Internet

The Difference between onPlatinum Business Internet and Standard Internet

Connectivity. It’s the foundation of your business.

Waiting. Waiting.

Waiting for internet pages to load.

Waiting for files to be downloaded.

Waiting for emails to be sent or received are costing you time and money.

Don’t struggle with slow outdated consumer internet. Upgrade to onPlatinum Business Internet and experience the difference.

Your business is unique as are your internet requirements. onPlatinum has access to leading internet providers allowing us to build your bespoke internet solution.

With fast reliable and consistently connected internet you can use the latest competitive edge technologies such as hosted phone systems, cloud computing, remote access, video conferencing and online web applications.

The difference between onPlatinum Business Internet and Standard Internet

Dedicated Internet Access

You rely on your internet connection to run your business: your computers, your phones and so much more. onPlatinum business internet is provided via a dedicated internet access (DIA). A DIA is a single direct line between your business and your internet provider. It’s this direct dedicated connection that provides the fast-reliable connection that isn’t possible with a standard internet connection.

Contention Ratio

Most standard internet connections have a high contention ratio or in plain English – they are oversubscribed. This means that many people are trying to use the same internet connection. Your service is congested and as a result, the speed suffers. It’s like trying to get home in peak hour traffic on a motorway full of cars – it’s slow and congested.

When you upgrade to onPlatinum Business Internet your contention ratio is one to one, resulting in consistently fast internet guaranteed by a service level agreement.


Due to a high subscription rate, standard internet speeds vary greatly. Speeds decrease in peak times leaving you waiting. onPlatinum business internet offers a fast consistent speed all the time. onPlatinum business internet offers the same upload and download speeds, making it perfect for working on the cloud and using a cost-effective hosted phone system.


As a managed service provided your onPlatinum Business Internet is supported by our Australian support team. Your connection is proactively monitored along with network health. Our aim is to solve any potential issues prior to them causing you downtime.

This quality of service and level of support can’t be found by selecting a ‘business internet’ plan online. To take your business to the next level you need to partner with Australia’s most reliable IT company, onPlatinum ICT.

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