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Uncover the vulnerabilities within your IT systems today

With a complimentary IT Audit

As a business owner, you have plenty to worry about but your IT systems don’t need to be one of them.

You need your IT (computers, printers, phone systems, internet) working when your staff are, because without it, their productivity slows and so does your bottom line.

Savvy business owners are moving away from the old ‘break-fix-pay’ model as it leaves their system open to vulnerabilities. Don’t wait for a disaster.

Partner with Australia’s most reliable IT company and never worry again. (You can leave the worrying to us)

onPlatinum ICT would like to offer you a complimentary comprehensive IT Audit.

An IT Audit will help you uncover current and potential issues before they occur and future proof your business.

Some of the most common issue we uncover and solve are;

  • Bloated IT costs associated with dealing with multiple suppliers
  • Slow, painful and often unresponsive calls for help, leaving you and your staff left wondering how to get your systems working
  • Decreased morale and productivity because your team can’t work effectively while they are waiting for someone to ‘fix’ the broken IT system
  • Frustration of multiple suppliers who continually pass the buck, leaving you doing the ring around and trying to fix the issue yourself (say goodbye to actually getting anything done that day)
  • Old outdated technology and hardware that won’t scale with your business growth
  • Provide a bird’s eye view of your entire business and system highlighting potential areas for smarter systems, technology enhancements and future proofing your infrastructure
  • Multiple, ad hoc and fluctuating invoices through the month, leaving you with no control over your IT spend


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