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Referral Partner Pack

Welcome to the onPlatinum ICT network of agents, branches and referral sources – we look forward to working closely with your firm and your network of clients as we march towards our vision for 2020.

New developments in data centre technology and IT infrastructure now offer small – medium businesses the ability to operate more effectively with hosted services like private cloud and hosted phone systems. onPlatinum ICT is at the forefront of this technology in Australia – and can now offer your clients access to these big business ICT (information, communication and technology) products and services at a cost effective price.

This is a WIN for you and your clients. An opportunity to give your clients access to this new technology as well as receive remuneration for your introduction (an opportunity for you to grow diversified ongoing revenue).

Use the links below as helpful tools on how to market and promote onPlatinum ICT to your database. These links are designed to help kick start the program. Next step think about running a ‘Modern Office’ luncheon for a hand picked group of business clients (ideally 10+ staff size business),

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Julian Kohler on or call 0414 777 812.

Welcome and we look forward to working with you.

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