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Corporate Branding

The face of your business

Corporate branding impacts many aspects of a company and also affects stakeholders, such as the evaluation of their product and services, corporate identity and culture, sponsorship, employment applications, and brand extensions. Corporate branding covers several fields of design including but not limited to the logo, packaging, advertising and stationery elements. The cohesive unity of these items from a design perspective is what creates the branding of a company and is therefore pertinent to promoting a professional image in the eyes of the consumer.





Make a good first impression

Your visual identity is one of the most important aspects of your brand, which is why getting it right is crucial. Luckily, onPlatinum is here to help take your brand to the next level with consistent and current designs to make your business stand out. From websites to print work, our team will work closely with you to develop a brand that completely embodies your company’s ethos.

Whether you are a newly created company or an established business after a whole new rebrand, the design team at onPlatinum is here to help you in producing a brand that will be recognisable and professional.

Click here to view examples from previous clients we have helped achieve and maintain a corporate brand.

The importance of branding

A brand is more than a trademark. It is a trustmark. A brand is a covenant between the company and the consumer. A trusted brand is a genuine asset. onPlatinum ICT offer professional logo design and branding to give your business a leading edge.

Consistent design

Your company’s logo, website and marketing collateral should all utilise the same branding elements in order to maintain consistency and develop trust with your clients. Unprofessional design does not facilitate a client’s confidence in your brand nor does it promote client retention or word-of-mouth. We can help.

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