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What do Google, Facebook & LinkedIn say about you?

If you are like many of our clients, you have built your business by good old fashion word-of-mouth referrals and honest relationships.

It’s a great way of doing business and I’m sure it’s served you very well in the past.

But today… people want a little bit more.

While waiting to order our lunch, we can instantly discover:

Who won Melbourne Cup

what our cousin got up to during their bucks party in Las Vegas (super bummed that you missed it)


the opening hours of the new café on your way to work.

And that’s all on your mobile phone with limited time.

What would I find if I Googled you? Or searched for you on LinkedIn?

I might have met you at a networking function, or my favourite, Uncle Joe, recommended you but before I take the plunge and work with you… I’m doing my own checks.

Go on admit it, you have done the same as well.

Online reputation management (sounds fancy doesn’t it) is vital to your business success and it doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s about being strategic with your website, social media and search engine optimisation, so that when people Google you or search for you on LinkedIn all the ticks are in your box.

You have worked hard to build your business and we want to help you grow and gain more business.

If you think you might be falling short in this area, then our “Online Business Review” is for you.

This is where we meet with you to discuss your current business, customers and future goals. We then go away and put together a detailed review of where you stand and how you can improve to facilitate business growth and online authority.

Normally valued at $497, I’ve been convinced (my team can be very persuasive) to offer 10 for free.

Yep, totally no cost to you.

During the “Online Business Review” we will look at elements such as;

It’s a team effort here at onPlatinum ICT as I’ll involve our creative, copywriting, online marketing and development teams to ensure that your business is looked at from all angles.

As you can imagine there is a bit of work from us behind the scenes and hence the reason I can only offer 10 of these at no cost. Saving you $497 and gaining you so much more.

If you are keen, for a free Online Business Review, call me today on 1300 428 667 or complete your details here and I’ll call you asap.

Looking forward to speak with you.

Julian Kohler

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