Cyber Attacks on the Rise for QLD Law Firms – 3 Simple Steps to Stop Them Before It’s Too Late

Law firms hold an enormous amount of sensitive information – personal client information, market-sensitive company mergers or acquisitions ...
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Managed Service Provider

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Managed services refer to outsourcing a company’s IT to an external organisation, known as a Managed Service Provider ...
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How to use data to increase customer engagement

How to Use Data to Increase Customer Engagement

It is likely that in your day-to-day interactions with customers, you have collected a significant amount of data ...
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Are Your Law Firm Mobiles Secure and Compliant

Are Your Law Firm Mobiles Secure and Compliant?

In the legal industry, keeping client information secure is of the utmost importance. Data privacy is becoming increasingly ...
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4 ways cloud technology can improve IT operations

4 Ways Cloud Technology Can Improve Your IT Operations

Cloud technology has been around for a while, but it only being adopted by organisations recently. In fact, ...
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Industry Digital Transformation

How Is Digital Transforming Your Industry?

Many industries are embracing digital transformation to continue meeting customer expectations. According to the Gartner 2019 CIO Agenda ...
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QLD Law Firm Cyber Target

Why QLD Law Firms Are Becoming Prime Targets for Cyber Criminals

You may have seen reports in the news that QLD law firms are becoming the prime targets for ...
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Create a culture of innovation

How to Create A Culture of Innovation

Innovation is a significant driver of success within a business. In business, innovation refers to changing processes or ...
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Networking Gold Coast wine night

Time To Wine Down

Last Friday night, August 9th, we hosted a wine and cheese networking night at the onPlatinum office in ...
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