Google+ is one of the best tools to have on your businesses tool belt!

Posted on: August 5th, 2016

We believe that embracing Google+ will result in more interaction and opportunities to reach potential clients. If you aren’t sure, Google+ is a social networking service (similar to Facebook) offered from Google.

Please click here to watch an intro to Google+ video.

Having a Google+ account for your business is actually a good thing!

Google+ has been around for a few years now and whilst the site is not as large as other social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+ has many benefits as Google rewards people/businesses who use their software/sites.

How can Google+ help build my business?

Google+ for business can help you build your social media presence as well as drive traffic to your website and improve your rankings (status) on Google (aka when someone searches for you are on the first page and not lost amongst the millions or results). We have compiled a list of 5 key reasons that Google+ would significantly benefit your business:

   1. Build your business presence

  • Adding people to your business circles:
    • Circles are the central feature of Google+ and by adding people to your business circle you are able to connect with people you know.
  • Share your business content:
    • Content on Google+ can be shared with your circles and with the public. After content is shared, your businesses presence will build as people view the content and your page.
  • Engage in communities:
    • Communities are groups with the same/similar interest as your business. So to better connect with your target audience or people interesting in your service offerings, communities are a great way to target specific groups.
  • Engage in hangouts:
    • Hangouts are live, real time chat videos which are a great way to connect with other users.

   2. Reason 2: Connect with existing and potential clients

  • Keyword search:
    • Google+ allows you to search for your ideal target audience (potential customers) and then add them to your circles so they can view your business and service offerings.
  • Become involved in online communities:
    • Your ideal potential customers cannot follow your business profile or pages from the community groups. However, you can grab their attention by maintaining a spam free community and sharing topics that they want to know about.

   3. Reason 3: Establish industry expertise

  • You can establish your industry expertise by sharing relevant content and sharing resources. Giving your target audience (existing and potential clients) information that benefits them, will show them your expertise in the field.

   4. Reason 4: Show up in a Search

  • Optimise Google+ profile and business page
  • Connect Google+ to your website

   5. Reason 5: Get connected to peers

When using Google+ for business, it is important to have a strategy in place. We are able to incorporate Google+ into a social media strategy and we have the ability to add on other services (e.g. blog posts, Newsletter, SEO optimisation) designed to improve your businesses presence on Google so that when a potential or existing client does a google search your business pops up on the first page and is not lost amongst the millions or search results.

Should you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the marketing team of onPlatinum ICT on 1300 428 667.

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