Myth – It’s not optional

Fact: The NBN is coming and you must move to keep your communication networks connected.

Myth – It’s not only internet

Fact: The NBN will replace most existing fixed phone lines as well as internet connections via cable, ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+.

Myth – Faster Internet

Fact: Yes faster internet access will be provided, however this is just the beginning for what is possible in your business with NBN access.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the NBN. As business owners, we hear plenty about the NBN but what does it really mean for you and your business. Below we have outlined the most common questions business owners have about the NBN and the information you need to get your business NBN ready.

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How will the NBN affect my business?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a hot topic with many media outlets discussing its progress and when it will be available in your area. However, most Australians aren’t aware of exactly what the NBN is and how it’s going to affect individual consumers and businesses.

A study “Familiarity & Understanding of the NBN” found that 67% of Australians believed that connecting to the NBN was optional while 41% have very little understanding of the changes and what impact they will have.

The NBN is set to revolutionise Australian businesses by delivering faster internet and access to better quality communication channels. The benefits to the Australian economy will be significant.

What is the NBN?

The NBN is a $43 billion Australian Government initiative designed to provide 93% of the Australian population with high speed broadband connection. The remaining 7% will be connected via broadband wireless and satellite coverage.

Hailed as one of the most advanced technology projects in our history, it’s goal is to deliver Australia’s first, national, wholesale-only, open access broadband network.

nbnTM is a company wholly owned by the Commonwealth. The infrastructure being designed, built and operated by NBN is a public asset rather than something owned by a single service provider. Along with faster speeds and more access, this will provide consumers with greater choice in terms of providers, plans and costs.

What services will be affected?

For most Australian, the NBN means internet access, whether cable, ADSL, ADSL2 or ADSL2+. However the new NBN network will affect most existing landline phone connections as well.

Without your traditional landline phone, how will your business continue to operate? Doing nothing WILL have an adverse effect on your business.

If you are unsure if your landline services will be affected, onPlatinum ICT can help.

Do I need to move to NBN and is the transfer automatic?

Moving to the NBN is not optional. Eighteen months after the NBN becomes ‘live’ in your area, the existing copper network is disconnected, meaning that if you don’t transfer to the NBN you won’t have internet and phone services.

Moving to the NBN is not automatic. If you want to continue using your fixed line phone and internet you need to move these services to the NBN before the ‘disconnect’ date in your area.

nbnTM is a wholesaler only , meaning that you need to contact a retail service provider, such as onPlatinum ICT, to transfer your existing services to the new NBN network.

The process isn’t difficult, however prior planning can ensure that your services are connected without interruption.

How can I prepare my business for the NBN?

Advice, preparation and plan.

The NBN will be rolled out across Australia in stages. It will provide significant increases in speed and access to additional technologies for most businesses. It’s a move you don’t want to delay and we recommend making the switch as soon as possible.

You will receive a letter from nbnTM , outlining your ‘ready for service’ date. There is no need to wait until you receive this letter. Getting the right advice can be done at any time.

Many of your business technologies and telecommunications will rely on the new NBN infrastructure. For this reason, it’s vital that you select the correct plan for your business as both residential and business grade connections will be available. The NBN will be available in four speed tiers – nbnTM12, nbnTM25, nbnTM50 and super fast nbnTM100. A nbnTM12 plan would provide similar speeds to ADSL2 and is designed for smaller businesses, whereas nbnTM100 is for business owners who want to transform their digital experience into something spectacular.

Internet, computers, cloud, printers, phones and so much more within your office will now require connection to the NBN. It’s understandable if the process is confusing, however we can assist you with the process.

It’s no longer just about faster internet speeds. It’s now about better use of technology, enhancing your communications and competitiveness. Using the correct tools to really drive your business forward.

onPlatinum ICT isn’t simply an internet service provider. We provide a complete solution to all your information, communication and technology needs.

Engaging the services of onPlatinum ICT will provide you with an integrated, seamless and comprehensive solution to advance your business further.

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NBN Benefits

Flexible Work

The NBN will connect the country allowing a more flexibile working environment. Teams can work from home, their main office, additional offices and have access to the same high speed internet connection.

Better Productivity

Lagging internet and frequent drop outs will become outdated with the new NBN. Your team will be more productive without their technology letting them down.

Cloud Services

The benefits of cloud computing will be available to more business owners as increased internet speeds make it more accessible. Your team will have the freedom to work smarter, achieving more.

Strong Relationships

Regardless of location, regular uninterrupted face to face contact can be your new reality. The NBN will bring video conferencing to life. Meet with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

New Opportunities

With more of Australia connected, it opens the doors for more business opportunities domestically and internationally. Another barrier is removed and improvements within communication can be achieved.


Fast internet access will allow businesses to adopt an integrated approach to their technology and communications. A complete, scalable and flexible solution can be provided instead of dealing with multiple suppliers and vendors.

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